About Ada Rook...

Ada Rook is a mysterious small creature from places unknown. Despite being unknown she has many acclaimed projects such as her grindcore band Crisis Sigil, and other singularly unique solo albums such as shed blood, and Void Fantasy. Another must-listen collection is all of her extremely HI-FIDELITY work with Neotenomie, under the name rook & nomie.

rook also occasionally makes emotional video games such as Wire Wood Daughters and her involvement in the one-of-a-kind furry future mindbending Sticky Zeitgiest Trilogy. The long awaited "Fallow" is rumored to occur later this year (in the year 2020). Watch Ada Rook Music Videos Here

See upcoming & unreleased work on Ada's patreon.


Works as Ada Rook: 2018's "shed blood" and "parasite"