About Devi McCallion...

Devi McCallion is a popular big gigantic woman. Celebrated for many cult internet projects like the "Mom" Trilogy, and other internet sensations Girls Rituals, the highly esteemed My Little Pony fan-music project Cats Millionaire and Anarchy 99.

She is a video artist and has created more than 50 various music videos and many other projects on her personal youtube page.

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Works as Mom: 2014's "Mom 1" and "Mom 2" [MOM 3 & 4 PENDING]

Works as Girls Rituals: 2017's singles "Black Cloud" and the full length album "EMERGENCY!" ["REDDISHNESS" & "I'M DESPERATE" PENDING]

Works as Anarchy 99's 2020 Self Titled EP with So Drove

Works as VCF Freq's 2020 "Dream" EP with Boy Pussy